10 Change Your Life Tips For Traveling With Babies

One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to see your child discover new things for the first time. The wonder and amazement that fills their faces is an exhilarating experience! However, many parents worry that traveling with their baby to different places will be a stressful undertaking. Thankfully, we have some life saving tips for traveling with babies that will make your time away a success!

#1 - Align Your Flight Time With A Feeding

For those traveling by plane, your biggest obstacle will be the changes in elevation. If your baby is uncomfortable, they will not sleep. Thus, try to pop in the bottle when you are taking off. This consistent swallowing will help to clear their ears and keep them hydrated!

#2 - Give Them A Place To Sleep

Long flights are a drag and airplane seats leave little to the imagination. Therefore, before your trip, invest in an inflatable footrest and a hand pump. Also, make sure to have a blanket and small pillow in tow! 

Once the seat belt sign gets turned off, blow up this bad boy and slide it in their foot space. Voila! You have the perfect space for your baby to nap, allowing for a much more relaxing flight.

Additionally, there are lots of portable alternatives for infants as well. Some airlines even provide a baby bassinet for longer flights!

It is important to note that not all airlines permit the use of this item, so always check with the carrier to confirm their policies. 

#3 - Darken The Space

If you are traveling by car, consider purchasing some simple black out shades for the passenger door windows. These are simple and easy to install, affordable and they get your little one out of direct sunlight, making nap time on-the-go an attainable task!

Additionally, make sure to pack a few chip clips! Once you get to the hotel room, these are perfect for keeping the drapes shut when your sweet baby needs to go down for a nap!

Lastly, consider investing in a Pack N Play crib canopy! These can also help to darken your baby’s sleep space and eliminate distractions that can keep them up past their bedtime. 

#4 - Childproof The Hotel Room

You want your home away from home to be safe and secure. Therefore, as you are packing for your big adventure, grab some painters tape and band-aids. Once you get to the hotel room, tape down lamp wires and phone cords and cover any electrical outlets with the band-aids. 

Moreover, ask the hotel staff to remove any breakable decor and take the time to discard of any plastic bags (these can pose a suffocation hazard). Lastly, set up their portable crib in an area away from drapes, blinds or wall decor. This is the best way to avoid other choking threats or potential accidents. 

#5 - Drown Out The Noise

No matter your method of travel or where you intend to stay, you want to stay on schedule. Kids thrive when they have a routine. Therefore, make sure that you are always a step ahead and have a portable noise machine at your disposal. This can help to lull them to sleep and distract them from surrounding sounds. 

#6 - Dress For Success

Comfort and convenience are key for when you are away. This is exceptionally true for expectant and nursing moms. Therefore, look for stylish, loose fitting apparel that is breathable. This makes feeding time simple and traveling a breeze! Dress these options up or down with slip on shoes to speed up your time with TSA. 

#7 - Prep For Mealtime

There is nothing worse than getting to a restaurant and realizing that they are not equipped with a place for your baby to eat! Make life easier on yourself and keep a portable high chair in your bag. They attach directly to the table and even come with a tray to ensure that your baby has a clean surface to eat on!

#8 - Prepare For The Worst

We never want to think about our child getting sick or hurt, but these things happen when we least expect it. Therefore, have supplies handy for these occasions. Always keep baby Tylenol and baby Benadryl on hand, along with the syringe to administer the medications. It is also important to pack a thermometer, bandaids, antibiotic ointment and alcohol swabs. 

#9 - Remember To Stay Cool

When traveling to new and interesting places, it is imperative that you research the climate. Babies a much more prone to heat related illnesses so keeping them cool is imperative. In order to beat the heat, make sure that they are staying hydrated, dress them in loose fitting and lightweight fabrics and always apply sunscreen.

Moreover, don’t forget to take breaks indoors during peak heating hours and keep them shaded, if possible. However, if you find yourself on an excursion that keeps you in the sun, invest in a stroller fan to give your little one some relief!

#10 - Don’t Forget Bath Time

Bathing a baby in the hotel bathtub is less than ideal, to say the least. Therefore, an inflatable baby tub is the best solution! They are easy to transport and are a much cleaner and safer alternative.


When preparing for your trip, think about your daily routine as well as your method of travel. Remember to allot extra time for getting to your destination and try to relax.

Slow down, breathe and plan for hiccups along the way. Most importantly, try to tucker your kids out before hopping on the road or taking off in the sky, make sure they have plenty of snacks and never forget to plan for potty breaks!