Fall In Love With These Amazing Autumn Apparel Options For New & Expectant Mothers

The cold, crisp air of the Autumn months is settling in, which means that it is time for everyone to pull out their staple Fall attire. However, for those expectant and new moms, the necessities take a slight shift to accommodate the bundle of joy that you will also need to keep warm. Here is a look at the top items that every woman should have in her wardrobe!

#1 - Ponchos & Shawls

Ponchos, capes, shawls and cloaks are all on trend this Fall season. This oversized outerwear is ideal for moms who are breastfeeding, allowing for easy access and a suitable cover for feeding times. Moreover, they are great for accommodating an ever growing belly. In fact, these will last throughout the entire Fall and Winter season without the worry of having to buy a bigger size later down the line.

Additionally, this cold weather apparel optimizes your temperature control. Not only will it keep you warm and help to shield you on a windy day, but the loose fit allows for ample ventilation when you start to feel a bit stuffy. Throw this over a pair of leggings and a simple tank and you are good to go!

TOP PICK: The Melifluos Poncho is made with 100% bamboo viscose. What this means is that the fabric is durable, lightweight and breathable. Moreover this product is reversible and comes in over 40 color combinations! 

Most importantly, this is a fantastic product for a newborn's skin. If you choose to use this as a breastfeeding cover, your sweet little one will not overheat and it will not irritate her skin. 

#2 - Black Leggings 

Having a comfy pair of leggings is imperative in the Fall months. Not only can they be dressed up or down, but they ensure that you won’t get overheated when you add on the sweaters, coats, boots and other cold weather clothing. Make sure to choose basic, neutral colors to ensure that you can mix and match with the majority of your wardrobe.

TOP PICK: Legging Army is an amazing brand that offers solid black leggings that are long, stretchy, super soft and affordable. They are made with a mixture of polyester and spandex, meaning that they are lightweight and breathable. They can also accommodate any body type, including those ladies who are recently postpartum as well as the moms-to-be!

#3 - Wrap Around Dress

There is something so flattering about a wrap around dress. This iconic look features a V-neck top, which naturally draws the eyes upward. Furthermore, the cinched waist provides an ultra-slimming effect, making sure that you always feel like your best self! Lastly, the skirt gives off a feminine and flowy vibe. Overall, this simple item enhances the bust, slims the waist and has a classic, yet delicate appearance that is ideal for any body type. 

TOP PICK: Nesting Olive prides itself on creating the optimal attire for new and expecting moms that exemplifies comfort and style. The Henley Robe Dress features a quintessential Fall pattern with ¾ length sleeves and breathable fabric. 

Additionally, the dress aligns anywhere from ankle to the mid-calf depending on your height, making it the perfect autumn outfit. Best of all, the buttery smooth fabric is made with rayon, which is extremely absorbent. This can come in handy for breastfeeding moms who have to deal with the occasional leaks and spit up situations!

#4 - Button Down Long Sleeve Flannel Top

Plaid is the distinct pattern of the season. Dress it up with a solid sweater, black leggings and boots or take on a more casual look with blue jeans and a down vest. In addition, the flannel is extremely warm, yet breathable, and the button down front gives your new baby easy access during feed times. Versatility at its finest. 

TOP PICK: The L.L.Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt is slightly fitted to give off a more feminine appearance and the flannel is made with 100% cotton. This means that it is hypoallergenic and perfect for your little one. 

Moreover, it is expertly brushed eight times on either side to ensure a quality product with extraordinary softness. It is also available in an array of Scottish tartans, all of which are yarn-dyed to guarantee long lasting brightness!

#5 - Short Booties

Comfort is key for those carrying around a little extra weight! With a baby in tow, you need to prioritize your balance and support. However, that does not mean that you need to slack on style! Look for short boots that will work with both dresses and pants.

Moreover, material is everything -- leather boots with a rubber base make for a fashionable footwear choice that is 100% waterproof. Furthermore, make sure to look for a low profile heel. This lessens the stress on your body while still elongating and tempering your figure. 

TOP PICK: All of the aforementioned features can be found in the Blondo Liam Ankle Boot! This universal accessory comes in both leather and suede, both of which are protected by a AquaProtect seal to keep water at bay! Additionally, the activated carbon foam insole and gel pad cushioning give the wearer unparalleled comfort and functionality.

Top Considerations For Fall Clothing


One of the downfalls of being pregnant or recently having a baby in the Fall and Winter months is that your body is constantly changing. Since priorities tend to shift towards saving for the baby, you want to prioritize staple items that you can mix and match and that will allow you to comfortably expand or shrink in size over time. Thus, oversized sweaters and shirts, shawls and adjustable dresses are all ideal items to invest in this season.

Additionally, breastfeeding is a full time job. In fact, “if you do the math, a year of breastfeeding equates to a conservative estimate of 1,800 hours of a mother's time. This isn't far off from a full time job considering that a 40-hour work week with three weeks of vacation comes in at 1,960 hours of work time a year.” 

Then, when you factor in that most states don’t make concessions for new moms in the workplace, this job gets even harder. What that means is looking for apparel that accommodates feeding and pumping in any location. 

Fabric Types

Moreover, fabrics should be a part of the clothing considerations due to your baby’s extremely sensitive skin. The top options include cotton, bamboo, silk and fleece [cotton varieties only]. All of these are breathable, soft and hypoallergenic. Thus, when your baby is suckling, any fabric that is against their skin will not be an irritant. 

Moreover, absorbent fabrics are great options as well. These include cotton, cotton chenille and rayon, which is twice as absorbent as cotton.