Treat Your Kids To A Safe Halloween

It is the spookiest time of the year, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be the safest. As your little ghouls and goblins get ready to embark on their great candy acquisition, here are some of the top ways to keep the boogeyman at bay no matter what your plans may be this All Hallow’s Eve!


#1 - Be Reflective On This Dark Holiday

With Daylight Saving Time ending soon, that means that the sun is setting earlier and earlier each day. As your superheroes and princesses head out the door, make sure that they have a few added accessories so that they are more easily seen by drivers! 

For example, if your son is Superman this holiday, purchase some glow in the dark tape to overlay on the “S” on his chest. Conversely, for Cinderella, attach blue glow sticks to her wand and crown! When the force is strong, make sure that Luke has his lightsaber and give your firefighter a flashlight so that he can see through the smoke to get to his treats! 

#2 - Make Sure Your Demons Keep Their Distance

Don’t be creeping too close this Halloween! Talk to your kids about the importance of waiting for their turn. Remind them to keep a reasonable distance and to not crowd the doorways when obtaining their goodies. Even though trick-or-treating is outdoors, it is still imperative to protect your kids from the monster that is potentially lurking nearby -- COVID-19.

If you are concerned for their well-being despite taking these precautions, consider purchasing a mask that coordinates with their costume! Amazon, Etsy and even Disney have designed fantastically colorful and fun face coverings that will pair perfectly with an array of costumes! 

However, it is important that you do not paint fabric masks. We all love DIY, but this could restrict your child’s airflow. That is also the case if you try to double up with a face covering and a costume mask. Moreover, while these types of accessories are fun, they can make it harder to see and they will not provide the same protections as a face covering. We want our kids to have a spooktacularly safe holiday so try to find embellishments that will improve their well-being.

#3 - Life Is Gourd When Your Kids Look Both Ways

Every child is eager to get to the house with the king sized candy bars, but make sure they remember to always look both ways and cross at the corner, not in the middle of the road. Additionally, keep them off their phones. This is a time when they need to be alert and aware of their surroundings. 

Additionally, parents who are driving around on Halloween should also take extra care to drive slowly and be cautious when backing out of their driveways. Witches may be flying by when you least expect it!

#4 - Haunt The Houses With Teal Pumpkins When Allergies Are A Concern

The Teal Pumpkin Project is a simple way to make trick-or-treating safer and more inclusive for the one in 13 children living with food allergies, and many others impacted by intolerances and other conditions.” The Food Allergy Research & Education Organization promotes this bright initiative to help kids and parents easily find safe treats and toys while still being a part of the spooky fun! If your child does suffer from food allergies, look for the houses with this signature decor and double check their goodies before letting them dig in!

#5 - Germs Are Scary! Wash Them Away For A Spook-tacular Holiday

While it may be witchful thinking, attach a bottle of hand sanitizer to your skeleton’s jack-o-lantern and remind him to not be a lazy bones! This simple witches potion can better guarantee that they have a fang-tastically safe holiday as they dip into their treats. Bone appetit!


Happy Haunting From Nesting Olive!