10 Unique Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love!

Awaiting Baby Shower

Shopping for a baby shower is always an exciting task! However, anyone can buy the mom-to-be a set of adorable onesies or diapers. These are perfect in the moment, but forgettable in the long term. You want something that is really going to make a difference in her motherhood journey. That is why we have compiled a list of unique and useful items that mom is sure to love!

Unique Individual Baby Shower Gifts

#1 - Door Mask

As her new baby drifts off to sleep and mom slowly tiptoes out the door, the worst thing to possibly happen is for the lock to click shut and wake up the baby. What was a seemingly quiet sound in the past, might as well be a bomb going off in the nursery. 

Thus, a door mask serves as a silencer for the lock, preventing it from latching. This is key for avoiding the noise and giving parents the luxury of sneaking off to tend to other things!

#2 - Car Seat Cover

This is a fantastic baby shower gift for so many reasons! Milk Snob covers serve as a shield from the sun, wind and other elements. Moreover, babies can struggle with regulating their temperature in the first few weeks of life and this encasing can help to keep them warm. 

Most importantly though, this provides your little one with some privacy. After giving birth, new moms quickly learn how many strangers feel more than comfortable touching their brand new baby. This helps to deter that from happening! Additionally, this product doubles as a soft and comfy breastfeeding cover, giving mom a little more privacy as well! 

#3 - Nesting Olive Housedress

After giving birth, there are two things every mom wants in their wardrobe -- comfort and ease of use. No matter if she has a vaginal or cesarean birth, she is going to be in pain. She will also be feeding her baby every two hours. 

Nesting Olive has created functional, soft and lightweight apparel that is tailored for mom. Best of all, it is practical and stylish all rolled into one! The snap buttons make for easy access when feeding times roll around and the flowy design ensures that there is no pressure on her belly when she is healing. 

#4 - Pacifier Holder

A baby’s pacifier is every parent’s saving grace! Not only does this small item soothe the baby, but it actually protects them against SIDS. However, when not in use, having a pacifier holder handy can keep this essential item clean and within arms reach! Hang it on their crib, stroller, or even on your belt loop!

#5 - Knotted Baby Gown

This is SO much better than a onesie! When their little one arrives, the last thing mom wants to deal with are snaps, buttons, pants, socks or any of the other seemingly simple apparel that becomes exceptionally difficult to manage with a newborn.

Orchid Baby Wear makes an adorable line of affordable baby gowns that keep babies warm and snugly with a simple knotted design. 

#6 - Portable Black Out Curtain

Did you know that a newborn will sleep for an average of 17 hours a day? For the mom on the go or the family who loves to travel, this can be a difficult accommodation. That is, unless you own a Tommee Tippee GroAnywhere Portable Travel Baby Blackout Blind! The suction cups attach to the windows surface, blocking out the light and creating the perfect sleeping environment anywhere you may be!

#7 - Portable Diaper Caddy

This another supposedly simple baby shower gift that is simply the best! In the beginning, mom and dad can expect to conduct around 10 to 12 diaper changes a day. That is over 300 within the first month of their little one’s life! Instead of having to constantly trek back into the nursery, invest in a portable diaper caddy for the mom-to-be.

Best of all, you can customize it with wipes, diapers, changing pads, hand sanitizer and even breastfeeding snacks to make sure she is ready to go from the moment she opens the gift!

#8 - Baby First Aid Kit

No parent ever wants to think about their child becoming ill, but having an arsenal of supplies ready to go can take a huge weight off a new parent’s shoulders during this stressful moment. Thus, pack up baby Tylenol, baby Benadryl, Mylicon gas drops, gripe water and of course, a thermometer

Vicks makes a fantastically fast and accurate thermometer that slides right into their armpit and takes the reading in eight seconds. However, it is always best to have a backup and forehead thermometers can be extremely helpful when the baby is extra squirmy! 

Unique Group Baby Shower Gifts

#9 - Meal Delivery Service

The last thing any new mom has the time to do is cook a meal. If you have a collection of people who want to pitch in on a group gift, consider signing her up for Freshly! There are 40 menu options made fresh and delivered right to her door! 

Best of all, cook time is three minutes or less! If you sign the new family of three up for 12 meals a week, it will run you a little over $100 per week. This is an extremely affordable option if you get enough people on board!

#10 - House Cleaning Services

Another daunting task after giving birth is finding the energy to clean the house! Services like Merry Maids are a great resource and can serve as a thoughtful group gift. Just pay for a standing set of floating appointments that the mom-to-be can schedule at her leisure. 

This can allow her to get settled into her new normal and then decide when she needs the help and is comfortable with people coming by the house. 

Whether your gift is big or small, it is important to think about the specific mom that you are buying for so that you can get a gift that is perfect for her! Lastly, before grabbing a card at the convenience store, purchase your favorite childhood book instead. Then, sign the cover! This way, every time they reach this particular bedtime story, they will think of you.